Law of access to information


Restriction of information

Article 5- Unavailable Documents: A - Information related to: 1 - Secrets of national defense, national security and public security. 2 - The Department of Foreign Relations of the State of a secret nature. b - The following documents cannot be viewed: 2 - Minutes of secret sessions of the House of Representatives or its committees, unless it decides otherwise.

Free flow of information Law No. 28 - Issued on 10/2/2017

Partially Compliant with Standards


Despite the amendments made to the Right to Access Information Law issued in 2017 under Law No. 233 - issued on 7/16/2021, it was not explicitly mentioned in the text of Paragraph B of the second item that the minutes of non-confidential parliamentary committees are viewable, unlike As stipulated in Article 42 of the rules of procedure of the parliement.


Amending the article and clarifying the text for cases of prohibition.

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